Companies in Israel using Rust

On this page we try to showcase all the companies in Israel that use Rust. We include local companies and international companies that have a local office where some people write Rust. For each company we try to include some explanation what they use Rust for and some "evidence". e.g. A link to a presentation they gave. The fact that they hosted a Rust event. If they have Open Source projects written in Rust.

If you know about more companies, if you know more details about the use of Rust in these companies, if you have other evidence that they use Rust, please send a Pull-Request to improve this page.


  • If the companies have open source projects in Rust, link to them.
  • Add more details explaining the type of applications each one writes in Rust.
  • Link to the presentation given by employees of each company.
  • Add contact info. (e.g. a community member)