Code Mavens

The Code Mavens Meetup group exists for almost 10 years. During those years we had loads of meetings on a lot of different topics. Recently we started to have meetings about Rust.


The main organizer of the group is Gabor Szabo.

Upcoming events

See the meetings page.

2024.04.21 - Using AstroNvim for Rust development (Online, in Hebrew)

In this non-formal meeting Meir Kriheli a long time Open Source developer and a central figure of the Israeli Open Source community is going to share his decades of experience using AstroNvim and tmux.

He will show his own setup with a focus on how he uses it for programming in Rust. He will help the interesting parties to set up their own environment.

He will also show rusmux, his partial replacement for the tmuxinator written in Rust.

The meeting will be in Zoom. It will start at 19:00 ILT. It will be held in Hebrew.

2024.05.09 - In-person at Microsoft, Tel Aviv


  • 18:00 Meeting amd mingling

  • Presentations. TBD, submit your talk proposals.

  • Maor Malka Are We Embedded Yet? - Implementing tiny HTTP server on a microcontroller (30-40 min)

Given Rust's destiny to become the go-to replacement for C, a clear target for such a change would be the world of embedded microcontrollers. we sometimes tend to ignore these devices, but they cover so much of our basic appliances and they all are running C. The embedded world is notorious for its lack of capabilities of reuse and following proper safe code guidelines. this is especially true when most Embedded C developers use many tricks to get the most optimal result in regards to speed and size.

I wanted to try and leverage the power of Rust to show both its capabilities to create advanced projects easily, and do so in a "safe" manner.

I will show an example project, done on a custom STM32 microcontroller board with only 128KB Flash and 40KB running a HTTP server by becoming a USB Ethernet Adapter.

Link to Repo of stamrust

About Maor:

Currently a Digital Design Engineer at ARBE robotics Been doing embedded, board design, FPGA and system design for the past 11 years. Now starting to add rust to my toolbox 😉

Past Events

2023.12.17 - Don't panic! - Our journey to error handling in Rust (Online and in Hebrew)

In this talk, I will delve into the transformative journey of error handling in our first Rust project. From an initial state where panic-induced chaos was widespread, making it challenging to pinpoint the root causes of crashes, we navigated through the Rust ecosystem to establish a robust and stable foundation.

Utilizing some of the most common error handling crates, I will share insights into the evolution of our error-handling practices, discussing the pitfalls encountered, and lessons learned, that led to a more resilient and maintainable codebase.

2023.11.12 Rust Digger

Overview and current status of Rust Digger

The goal of this project is to enhance the Rust ecosystem by analyzing the common practices of Crate developers. From basic things such as code formatting rules through practices of testing. It also helps finding Crates that can be improved with relative little investment.